Morning: A Reflection

There’s quiet in my house and the smell of recently roasted coffee always greets me in the kitchen. The scent immediately conjures the image of my husband going about his routine in a completely still home, rushing, before slipping out the door without anyone even knowing. There’s only a few moments before the little one awakes. I hear her little voice…”mommy, mommy, mommy”.  Those first few moments when I go to get her are my favorite. She smells just a certain way and she feels warm as she snuggles her head into the crevice of my neck. Her hair is a wild mess of tangles and always in her eyes, so she rubs them fiercely. Even the way she tilts her head in the morning and looks up at me with a half sleepy grin is perfection. All too soon the precious moment slips away and time presses in on us. There will always be tomorrow to try and capture it once again.