Lenten Revelation

I decided to not listen to music in the car for Lent and have therefore experienced quite a bit more silence than I typically do, especially over Spring Break when I took two trips to Fort Wayne. While I certainly enjoy silence, it is incredible how an hour of silence opens your mind. In the Old Testament it talks about how God did not speak in strong winds or loud sounds but in a small whisper, and I have been able to experience these small whispers through the silence, albeit in the car rather than in the nature. Nevertheless, in the silence of my second hour long trip to the north, I was contemplating how much I love my daughter – something I dwell upon frequently these days – and although it may sound dramatic, a revelation occurred to me about the love of the Father. I finally understand, of course in my small, human way, the love that my heavenly Father has for me. Nothing my daughter could ever do would change my love for her – absolutely nothing. I realize we will hit rough patches in our relationship down the road, but that deep abiding love that I cannot compare to any other feeling or desire or relationship in my life, it will never cease to reside within me. Finally, I have a glimpse of how much the Lord cares for his children.