“Home” by Phillip Phillips came on today while I was working and it directly took me back to our rehearsal dinner. It only took the first notes and I can see the room full of all our dearest friends and family. You know how memories are kind of foggy in your brain, I have this image that’s like a  panoramic shot of the room. White tablecloths on round tables, now rumpled and littered with empty dishes and full wine glasses.

The whole night, buzzed with excitement for the next day. The truth is, I think I loved that night more than my actual wedding day. That night captured the essence of everything that makes life great and worth living – family, friends and food. All my siblings and their children were present and my oldest friends were there. I remember laughing and joking all night with an overall feeling of contentment.

Do you ever have moments that freeze in time and you want them to last forever?