Today I heard the quote, “You’re either growing or dying, stagnation does not exist in the universe.” I firmly believe in this. Have you ever noticed that there are points in your life where you were just riding along not seeking to better yourself, to grow, to learn, to LIVE? Then there comes some pivotal moment that spurs you into action and you think, what have I been doing this whole time? It may even be that its just in a certain areas of your life while other areas are progressing, you let that area die off.

Anyway, this quote really hit home with me especially with all the changes going on in my life right now, a new marriage, a new home, a baby on the way and big steps in my professional life as well. I think it is supremely important to constantly strive to grow and be the best version of yourself. Unfortunately, it seems that as we grow up we tend to lose that childlike wonder and curiosity for life. We stop dreaming. We take our circumstances as they are, and we move into reactive mode instead of proactive mode. The land of “if only’s”, as I recently heard the keynote speaker talk about at the Catalyst conference here in Muncie, becomes our permanent residence.

Where is this going? I’m just going to send this post out “into the void” (reference to my favorite movie You’ve Got Mail) as food for thought. I’m personally looking at it in the context of my life, and the growing I see going on there. I also see it happening here in Muncie – I’ve joined Muncie Young Professionals which is full of young leaders working to develop the city. There is a new gym that just opened up downtown across my office – makes you feel like a its a big city! So growth is happening here. Even our favorite restaurant, Savages has new logos painted on the windows!

What about you? Are you growing or dying?