Since my last writing, life has changed dramatically. Only three years have past since being “re-patriated” in the United States after a lovely two and an half year hiatus traveling and studying leisurely. Once upon American soil, the whirlwind and hyper-drive life of the US caught me up and spun me from a job in Fort Wayne, into engagement to my now husband and left me planted in a home and job in Yorktown, IN.
Thus, I have found myself in the town to which I swore I would never return. Interestingly enough, traveling made me realise that any town can be interesting as long as you cultivate your curiosity and seek out what makes it interesting. Its much easier in a foreign setting where everything is new, but Muncie, IN is anything but foreign to me now – it’s home.
It’s unfortunate; however, Muncie has a terrible rapport with its inhabitants. No one seems to speak good words about the poor town, and in spite of efforts made to change its image, the feeling of resentment towards the town lingers. Personally, my thoughts tend toward a marketing view that if a new image could be invented and assumed as the truth it would catch on. This is where I am, looking to cultivate curiosity in the most Midwest American town, Muncie.