Winter Break: Part 2

I may sound like a real snob when I say, I was not that fond of Barcelona…sorry! I’m guessing its because it wasn’t summer, and it would certainly be awesome to be at the beach tanning, but as massive cities go, I’d rather be in calmer, cleaner Madrid, with so many less tourists…but that’s just my opinion…that said, Barcelona’s amazing architectural sites from Gaudí are pretty amazing and you won’t find them in Madrid. Here are his crazy, but oh, so cool houses:
And then there’s Park Güell which, once again, is just weird, but in an awesome way…And we must not forget the Sagrada Familia which has been under construction since, oh, around 1882!!!
Again, unbelievable sites that you have to see in Barcelona, and then get yourself away from the crazy tourists crowding every square block of the place! Kidding, kidding, really you should head to a tapas bar because you won’t be seeing any of the amazing tapas they make there in just about any other place I’ve been to!