The Next Chapter

I’ve moved from a small French city of about 100,000 people to a massive Spanish one of about 3,000,000. Each has their pros and cons, but I am definitely a big city girl. This could also be the typical ‘honeymoon’ stage part of any big move, but things like going for a morning jog in the beautiful Retiro Park, hoping on the metro or being able to have amazing tapas and Cantanese food in the same week makes me think that after a year in Madrid, I’ll be crying the day I leave.

Not only the size is a big change, but also the culture and lifestyle in Spain. I love France, but I must say the welcoming people here make me oh-so-happy! We went to a restaurant the other night and the waiters served us with a smile, laughed, helped us out and came to the table before a half hour had passed…really, I felt bad not leaving a bigger tip (and you don’t tip in Spain). I am also, surprise, surprise, LOVING the prices, still expensive by US standards, but a really amazing cup of coffee at 1.30 euros – compared with 2 or more in France – makes me not even care that there’s a Starbucks two blocks from my house!!!
Although I am absolutely loving the big city, everyone keeps telling me that the ‘real’ Spain is in its pueblos; therefore, yesterday we headed to Segovia, an hour and a half Northwest of Madrid. Segovia is known for its Cathedral, Roman Aqueduct and Castle. More than anything, the town is just that kind of romantic, European city that has adorable little streets (above) where you wish you had a vacation home.
Here’s the aqueduct with the beautiful view of the city.
The Cathedral of Mary of Segovia.The Alcázar Castle that was used by Disney to construct Cinderella’s Castle!

!Besos a todos!