Road Trip!

Not the same as a road trip in the States…the European cars are too small and the highways are not flat or straight enough and littered with round abouts, and unfortunately I cannot drive a stick shift (soon to be remedied); however, since being in a car and driving with the music on is one of the things I miss the most about the US when abroad, it’s good enough!

Spring has sprung here and all of us, (my girlfriends in the Rome photos : Ester, Beatriz, Tatiana and Siân) have been getting a bit stir crazy to bouger (move) and see new places. I know I have been needing to head out of teeny tiny Nancy for a bit and explore the region. So, we’ve taken Tati’s car and seen a few cities.One rainy Saturday we headed to Luxembourg (above)…for those of you who don’t know, Luxembourg is a country and its capital, Luxembourg, is only 90,000 people and I don’t really think that outside of the city there’s anything else because its so tiny! Some of my queridos where confused as to its location, so I’m putting a map so you can see it’s location, about 1.5 hours from Nancy.I enjoyed the day but it was a bit rainy to really enjoy it. Its tiny and quaint, but the most amazing thing about it is the people. Not only is it one of the most expensive places to live in Europe – most people work there and live in other cities – but they are ALL trilingual and usually quadrilingual. All speak Luxembourgish and then usually feel very very comfortable in Germany and then French and after, English. Basically, I heard all four of these spoken regularly and with excellent accents. Additionally, I’ve had a few students from Luxembourg and they were always my best students, they’re obviously doing something right with their education system.

While wandering the streets of Luxembourg, I had an incredibly random experience…we ran into a ChiChi’s!!!! It made me homesick to think about the UGLIEST, bright yellow building that used to be in Fort Wayne. We used to go there and meet Dad on his lunch break when I was really little until it went out of business, just as almost every other restaurant since then…so, a bit of home, in Luxembourg! Ha!Last weekend we headed to Strasbourg. I was also there in the fall and after two visits, it’s decided that I absolutely LOVE it! Strasbourg is basically a mix of Germany and France which makes sense because its right on the border and used to be part of Germany. All the architecture makes you think of Germany; however, the people and culture is still clearly French. I love and am amazed by the it’s cathedrale‘s bleak but beautiful exterieurThere is also a European Union Community in Strasbourg with its typical parliament building style.But, my favorite part of Strasbourg is Petite France, a little quartier of the city that has tiny, German style building with little restaurants and shops. Its hard to see from the picture, but its pretty much the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen and it makes you feel like you’re walking around a little play village.

This Sunday is my third Easter, in a row, out of the country. I have plans to introduce my Spanish friends to a proper brunch, which will of course include Mom’s cinnamon rolls (although I can’t do them justice). Amazingly enough, people live without this magnificent breakfast, lunch combo which is probably what I miss most about holidays when I’m away, so I want to wish you all a blessed and holy Easter and please, enjoy spending time with your families and eating delicious American food for me! Hopefully, I will get to see everyone in the States soon!

Gros biz!