When in Rome…

It was just like I remember it being the first time….basically, I feel like I’m in a movie and I wish that Gregory Peck was by my side to lead me through the city like he does with Audrey Hepburn. Everything is picturesque and colorful and all the roads are old and cobbled and you see little vespas on every street and waiters sing to you while they serve you amazingly delicious pasta (true story). I found myself walking down the street below and I asked Beatriz, “”¿Por qué no nací una italiana?!!” (Why wasn’t I born Italian?!!)Since I can’t be reborn a Roman or move there, although the thought did cross my mind to just stay and open up a little café on one of these tiny, little vespa-lined streets and learn Italian by immersion, I lived it up like a Roman while I was there…
Those of you who know me well, know that I LOVE tiramisu (Coffee, chocolate and whipped cream…need I say more?) …I don’t know if I’ll be able to go back to Casa’s tiramisu in Fort Wayne after the incredible one I had in Rome.Cappucinos. PERIOD! Once again, those of you who know me well…I’m addicted to coffee and I’d say I’m a bit of a connoisseur…One, they are ridiculously cheaper in Rome than in France and ridiculously more delicious! Since I am an addict and was rather sleep deprived from sleeping on the floor, I think I averaged 2 or 3 a day, the foam is just so amazingly creamy and the espresso is really strong. You can see poor us with our last one (note the sad looks) during our layover in Venice.One of the coolest things about Rome is all the old fountains that are littered throughout the city and all with drinkable water. Last time I was in Rome, this one was the first one that I noticed on my day alone before the padres arrived, I felt rather nostalgic seeing it again!
Sadly my favorite site wouldn’t fit in my backpack. I was in awe last time of the Fontana di Trevi and it was just as breathtaking this time as well. I am just astounded that someone could carve this into the side of a wall and, of course, I threw in a coin to make sure I get to go back to Rome someday…then maybe I’ll open my little café amongst the Roman ruins…Missing you all!