Reflections from a Twenty-Two Year Old

It is 12:00 pm on Saturday morning here in Nancy, and although I have not stepped outside, informs me that it will be a nice 45 F (7 C) when I go for my 5 miler today (its a heat wave). I don’t think that I’ve mentioned that I’ve training for a marathon. Yes, 26.2 miles of running (45.2 km). Luckily, it’s along the coast of Northern France from Cancale to Mont Saint Michel. Now, I don’t want to jinx it, but since I ran my first ever 9 miler (15.5 km) in 1:24 last week and can still tell you all about it, I feel pretty good and let’s face it, I need some accountability to keep me going. More on that in later blogs…

While I was pensively making my coffee this morning and reveling in being in my pijamas until that afternoon, I reflected on the fact that I turned 22 last Thursday (not 25 as some of my students guessed…YIKES!) and that while this may come across as rather big headed…I realized that I am 22 years old and I live on my own in an adorable flat in downtown of Nancy, (pictured below) France and most importantly have survived now for 5 months completely on my own.

It’s really almost too good to be true, but somehow, after pinching myself, I realize that its true.
Why is this so incredible? Because I have always wanted to live abroad on my own in a downtown somewhere and it has happened.

Then my thoughts traversed to the fact that I really haven’t done this on my own . I mean, my parents, sister and friends would be millionaires if I had to pay them for every time that they have talked to me on skype or the phone and listened to me cry or complain about how stupid the French bureaucracy is or how I can’t stand another minute of my students staring at my with what we like to call “Nancy Face.” That blank stare of boredom and confusion after you have slaved over a lesson plan is the single biggest reason I will not become a teacher if I can help it (I tip my beret off to all of you who can do it and I am sorry to all the teachers that I have given that face to in the past!!!).Being abroad really puts things into a new light (and so does getting older…haha) and that is why I love it. I love appreciating other countries and their cultures and seeing what my country and culture can improve and what we do really well.

When I get back home, I will enjoy every minute with my family and friends and I will treasure the cappuccino that my daddy will make for me (you were planning on doing that, right Dad?) and I will savor the PB&J with a glass of milk like I never have before, but then, most likely, I will miss my croissants and pains au chocolat and my little flat in the center of downtown Nancy….so, I’m making my new resolution for my 22nd year that I will live each moment,(including “Nancy Face”) with no regrets. So, please, hold me to it!