Doggy Poo

I’m leaving for Rome on Friday, that’s 8 more lessons to teach and I’m home free (for a week), and let’s just say that the Honeymoon…it’s over…….

Yes, I do love living in France for the year, but sometimes there is a build up of things that you just CANNOT understand and that start to get on your nerves, so I’m letting you know that life is not this idyllic paradise in France. Bear with me as I take away your naivety and reveal to you the ugly side of France…

1. Do you see the lovely picture of the “Canisac”? These are little Doggy Bags that are scattered throughout most French cities and yet I have not seen ONE person clean up after their dog. NOT ONE! No one follows what’s posted “Dare to do a good deed!” A good deed? It’s not a good deed, its just common courtesy for goodness sake! Somehow in Chile, where there are way more dogs everywhere, I didn’t see nearly as much ca-ca scattered in the streets.2. As I mentioned before, I’m training for the Mont St Michel Marathon (10 miler last week! Woohoo!) and yet I am amazed every time I go out for a run and there is a group of guys walking in a line covering the width of the street. Siân and I approach, at a lightning pace of course, and yet NO ONE moves…this happens EVERY run…it’s just bizarre.

3. Techno music in the Discotheque. Every song. Every club. Even pop songs get turned to remix techno. Getting oooooooooooooooold. At this point, I’d be happy if they played rap…I know, sad.

4. People keep thinking I’m a student and giving me nasty looks when I go to the teacher’s room. I always check my mailbox first so they know I’m allowed.

5. No spicy Mexican food. I could murder some Nachos de la Casa with extra CREAMY QUESO from Cebollas right now! (I could also eat like three bacon cheese burgers from Logan’s right now as well…hehe)

I could keep going along the list, but I’ll stop right there so I don’t destroy your lovely image of France and make you think that I hate it here. I don’t. I just need a little Roma!

Ciao bellas!