I was sitting peacefully…
on one of the park benches in Parc de la Pepinière today, enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon which will probably be one of the last warm days here. I had bought a Quiche Lorraine – the specialty of this region that has eggs, ham and a crust that is so buttery and flaky that it really should be a sin to eat it, but I digress…so, after I finished my quiche and had sufficiently licked my fingers enough to get all the butter off and tried to clean all the flakes of dough off my black shirt so as to not stand out as the American who eats with her fingers instead of with forks, I reached for my Viennois (a lovely slightly sweet bread) with dark chocolate chips – yes, the French understand that to use anything except dark chocolate is an offense against pastries.
I was eating the Viennois to assuage the pain that is grading English tests (I only finished 2 tests in an hour…ufff). I finished half my Viennois and put it next to me and was grading when suddenly a paon, yes, a PEACOCK came and stole it from me! You can imagine my surprise and utter outrage at the 1. Gaspillage of 1,10 euros and 2. The loss of my legal addiction (a.k.a chocolat noir) to a PEACOCK.

Voilà the culprit and my lovely Viennois:

I’m including the frontal and side views so that if someone catches this villain, know my many (that means just me) as Pierre the Paon, (He’s known to use the alias Pete sometimes when trying to cross boarders) they will promptly make it cough up the lost euro and ten centimes I spent on it. Moral of the story: guard your pastries with your life!

Bonne Dimanche !