Yep, this was my sentiment after Siân and I finished our little salon endevour. I am now officially blond, blond, blond! Do blonds have more fun? Well, I must say that since I got paid (the reason for our salon day), got internet installed in my apartment that comes with a free calles to the US on the home phone (!), and after two weeks, got my gas turned back on and the pilot light working so I can take hot showers and cook I’m having definitely having more fun…incidentally, I don’t think this is connected to the blondness but all the same, life is really good once you’re settled in!

I’ve also got into the swing of things at the university. French students are a 180 from US students and most of us lecteurs have decided that we can see why teachers either LOVE their job or simply HATE it.

When my students (still weird to say that) actually participate in class, I leave feeling like I’ve conquered the world, one English syllable at a time and when they don’t, and give me that blank stare of confusion…well, I resort to speaking really, really slowly, making hand gestures to illustrate and finally repeating it in French…ugh…and then I walk away worn out and pep myself up by buying a coffee from the Salle des Profs – yes, that’s right – I get to use the all exclusive and elite TEACHER’S LOUNGE now!!! I rather enjoy this priviledge after years of wondering what goes on in the infamous lounge…well, in France it tends to be coffee breaks and everyone always use the bathroom there because it is actually clean, has a toilet seat and (gasp!) soap!!!
Thus continues life in France, it really is lovely. Yesterday, on my day off, I walked around the old part of town and bought a rather endearing old leather binded book by Colette in the older part of the city called the Ville Veille (literally, Old City) and because it was such a lovely day, I had to buy a pain au chocolat while I walked around the the Parque de la Pepinière.

Gros Biz!