Pure Bliss

I have fallen in love…

I mean head over heels…

This love story began long ago, once upon a time (last spring) and is now beginning to flourish since I have arrived in France. Some might call it an addiction, but I call it love. I don’t know how someone could arrive in France and not be swept off their feet immediately…I mean the amazing wonderfulness that is the nourriture (food) of France just takes you by suprise and you will never be content again without the things that become staples of everyday life such as the fresh bread you can get from the boulanger down the street, the lovely coffee that comes in adorable cups and with little bitty sugar cubes and cookies, wine from the best vineyards, cheese aged to perfection and chocolat….ahhhhh…just take a look at this cappuccino, gorgeous, non ?

So, I really have done more than eat since I arrived, I promise. After the nine hour flight, none of which I was able to sleep, I arrived in Paris then drug my massive suitcase, little suitcase (but equally heavy), and two carry-ons to the bus stop outside. After 45 minutes I arrived at the train station and managed to get on the wrong train that was not leaving but was right next to the one that was heading to Nancy and therefore lugged my baggage off and sprinted over to the other train and managed to lug them all up onto the train while a very capable French man watched the sweet, little girl hurt her back trying to get on before the train left…very gentlemanly…mmmm…but luckily I arrived to Nancy and then got a taxi to one of my collegue’s (hehe, I have a collegue) apartment. She is from outside of Manchester, England and we’ve spent quite a lot of time together, getting along swimmingly and learning more about the different words that the British use than French words. The picture below is the street that she lives on.

Its right downtown and my new apartment is just down the street from her. I should be moving in on Monday! This Wednesday I’ll be starting classes, so in the meantime I’ll be enjoying the good life and getting my apartment all set up – I must say that it is pretty adorable! Below is another photo of a cute street, the kind that only exist outside of the US.

Well, don’t worry, I’ll make sure that I eat enough of the good French food for all of you. My current status is:

croissants: 2

pains au chocolat: 2

coffees: 2

Gros biz !