Mi Casa

Bienvenido a mi casa!
Welcome to my house!

This is my “old” room. Rossy, my mamá chilena, thought that the room was looking a bit triste (sad) so she bought a new comforter for the room to brighten it up. What do you think of the new and improved Habitación de Erika?

Rossy is a pretty intense housekeeper, like most Chilean housewifes, everything is always in its place and always clean. I’ve talked with other students and for the most part, everyone has said that their mothers are always coming in to straighten their rooms after they’ve headed off to class. Often, I come back home to find my bed remaid and my room tidied up even though it was pretty clean to begin with.

Rossy also spends a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals for the family (above). We usually have a really light breakfast of coffee or tea (coffee for me!!) with bread and/or crackers with cheese or butter or jam and maybe yogurt or fruit. We usually eat it in here:

This room also doubles as Rossy’s “classroom” because she tutors kids after school and on the weekends. Then lunch is always really big and served around 2:30 of 3 but some people wait as long as 4 or 5, this is more on the weekends, though. We usually have some kind of meat and some other side dish and then a salad afterwards and always tea or coffee, to help with digestion – again, coffee for me, I need a pick me up after all the food! Everything is always served on seperate dishes so there’s no mixing of tastes and when we have our hot drinks its always got a little saucer under it! I love it! We eat in here in the dining area on the weekends:

Then anywhere from 6 to 8 is “once” which is the snack and always with tea or you could have coffee too. Sometimes we have scrambled eggs on bread with tea or just a snack or we go out to coffee and maybe have a “media luna” (literally “half moon”, but its a sweet baby croissant). Lots of people go out for once too for special occasions, like birthdays. You usually get a meal deal kind of thing with your hot beverage, bread, a sandwhich and a slice of desert.

Then dinner can be anywhere from 9 to 12 and we usually have the leftovers from lunch or sometimes something even smaller and always a “agua de hierba” which we would call tea but here they always specify between tea – the dark, traditional kind, and herbal “water” or tea like chamomile. If guests come over then they would be seated in our “Sala de estar” which is directly across from the dining area shown here:

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour!