This is the amazing view that I’ve been about to see when I’ve gone to the beach a couple of time. Obviously its hard to tell from a photo how beautiful this view is but trust me, its gorgeous! You can see all of the surrounding cities that really could all be one because they are so close. From this picture, I’m sitting in Viña del Mar, where I live, and you can see the horizon of Valparaíso, where I study, and then to turn to the right would be Reñaca and Concón, which are too smaller cities. Which you can see from this picture.

The wealth kind of trickles upwards here. There is a definite change in ambiance from Valparaíso, where the dogs walk around randomly, to Concón, where I saw some beautiful, newly built homes that are all in different styles such as Mexican, Spanish, Super Modern etc.

On Saturday, I was enjoying this lovely view and sunbathing, although this time with SPF 30 since I was a little crispy, when my sore throat from the night before, worsened and I decided to go home to sleep off what would inevitably become my first cold. I seems to be the case that all the newness of travelling and stress and going out, after two months of living at home and going to bed at 10pm, that a cold is inevitable to build up immunities. Unfortunately the next day I couldn’t really swallow because my throat was so swollen. I spent the day in bed and then went to the doctor about the time my first class of Chilean Literature was starting and found out I have tonsilitis and need an antibiotic and even received a note that says I have to stay in bed for 3 to 4 days….however, I’m happy to report that I was able to swallow down a large breakfast today, Tuesday, without pain!

I’ve also learned some super important vocab such as:
tragar – to swallow
alto líquidos – lots of fluids
amigdalitis – tonsillitis
faringe – pharynx
hinchado – swollen
resfriarse – to catch cold
la gripe – the flu
seguro – insurance
Well, thanks for the comments and I hope that you all are doing well and as soon as I make it out of the house I plan on taking lots more pictures!